Producers that have sold canola and paid a service charge to Alberta Canola in the last two crop years are eligible producers under the Alberta Canola Producer Commission's bylaws.

Eligible producers can be individuals or represent a corporation, partnership, or organization.

An eligible producer is eligible to vote in an election and on any question put to a vote at an annual Commission meeting or special Commission meeting if the eligible producer is present at the meeting in which the vote is held.

Alberta Canola Producer Commission Bylaws     
Section 5. 2     



Alberta Canola's 34th Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 24, 2024 
from 10:30am - 12:00pm during the Alberta Canola Conference in Grande Prairie, Alberta.


Eligible producers can attend in-person or they can attend online.


For the 34th Annual General Meeting, and eligible producer must have paid a service charge to Alberta Canola since August 1, 2021



Growers attending the AGM online must register to vote the week before the Annual General Meeting 

This will allow Alberta Canola to verify eligible voters (those who sold canola since August 1, 2021), to collect the required contact information including the designated voting representative, and the email address to send the Zoom voting link to.


Growers attending the AGM in person are also encouraged to register as voters in advance.

Registering in advance will make checking in at the Alberta Canola Conference quick and easy - will have a voter card ready and waiting for you.


Alberta Canola has been a farmer led organization since its inception on August 1, 1989.  Voting on resolutions at the Annual General Meeting helps guide the organization on its mission to ensure the long-term success of canola farmers in Alberta.

You only have to register once to vote online at Alberta Canola Annual General Meetings. If your voting representative, email address, eligible producer status doesn't change - Alberta Canola will pre-register you for online AGM's

Registration for voting at the 2024 Annual General Meeting extended to 4:00pm on Monday, January 22, 2024

We strongly encourage you to read the FAQ's on the voting process